Many of the images seen on my daily photo challenge and website are available for printing. If you have a photo that you would like to turn into a stunning print, please fill out a contact form and we can talk about the specific image, material, sizes, and creative possibilities. Not all images are the best fit for all sizes and materials, so I will offer you my personal opinion and guidance to create a unique piece that best fits your needs. Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my photography! 
• Images can be shipped anywhere in the United States and transactions are made through PayPal. (If you live outside the United States, please message me for an alternative printing method.)
• Ask about deals on multiple prints!
• Additional uncommon sizes such as square prints are also available. Please ask if you have a size in mind.
Prints on paper
Images are printed on a high-quality photo paper. Ask about different mounting options and print-coatings. 
8x10= $30
8x12= $35 
11x14= $45
12x18= $60
16x20= $80
16x24= $90
20x24= $95
​24x36= $170

Ask about a custom multi-panel display like this one!

Prints on Metal
Images are printed on 1/16" aluminium with ready-to-hang wall mount. The slick metal surface makes for a shiny and reflective finish.
​8x10= $80
8x12 = $85
10x10= $100
11x14 = $115
12x18 = $150
16x20 = $195
16x24= $220
20x20= $235
20x30= $315

Photos with strong whites and colors make great metals!

-- SALE! -- I am currently offering 12x18 metal prints of my recent rocket launch composite-image for $125 (non-sale price $150). The image is printed on 1/16" aluminium and has an incredible glass-like finish. The print is a great size for hanging and comes fitted with a floating wall mount! Below is an image of a sample that I had made. The prints include free shipping in the US (I unfortunately cannot ship internationally, contact me for alternative options). If you are reading this, ask about discounts on my other space photos as well! [Space Portfolio]
Prints on Canvas
Images are printed on a premium canvas and stretched around a 1.5" wooden frame. They come ready-to-hang with a wire or saw-tooth.
8x10= $95
8x12= $105
11x14= $120
10x20= $145
10x30= $160
16x20= $190
16x24= $210
20x30= $310
24x30= $340
24x36= $385

Canvases have a woven texture for a more artistic look

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